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Water Wells

How To Protect Your Water Source

What You Should Know About Water Wells

How to protect your water source

With the property owners help, the professional work of ground water specialists like Cushing & Sons along with the regulation and technical work of government agencies, can help to ensure safe drinking water. What you know, and what you do about contamination risks are important for the safety of water in homes and communities throughout the US.

What you should know

The source of your drinking water
How contamination occurs
What to do to prevent problems
What you should do

Handle domestic chemicals responsibly
Protect against automotive fluid spills
Properly maintain septic systems
Use lawn & garden chemicals sparingly
Safeguard the area around wells
Always use licensed contractors for water wells
Routinely check and maintain wells to prevent contamination

What communities should have

Land-use policies
Agricultural best management practices
Water resource management plans
Programs protecting aquifers and wells
Well abandonment programs
Ground water education and consumer awareness programs


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