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Water Wells

How Much Will It Cost

What You Should Know About Water Wells

How much will it cost?

Because of the nature of well drilling, Cushing & Sons cannot provide an exact quote or estimate. The final cost of the well and pump installation is based upon the actual feet drilled, casing used and water obtained to satisfy requirements. On average, a complete water well and pump system is $10,000 to $15,000 depending on location and site needs. Variables are: depth to bedrock, depth to water, amount of water to meet project needs, excavation requirements, and potential needs for treatment. Using historical data, we offer on-site, no-cost estimates.

Here is a breakdown of items that may be included in the cost of a water well system:

• Permits

• Mobilization (getting equipment to the site)

• Drilling per foot by diameter

• Casing per foot and weight per foot

• Materials such as screens, seals, etc.

• Grouting and cementing seals

• Developing

• Test pumping and quality testing

• Pumping equipment

• Excavation

• Water quality laboratory analysis

• Water treatment system


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