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Pressure Tanks

Pressure Tanks

Steel vs. Fiberglass/Fiberwound

For years we sold the baby blue colored steel tanks. These tanks worked well but had an unacceptable premature failure rate and rusted often times in less than ten years. With the advent of the newer fibergalss pressure tanks with 100% butyl rubber liners (which are resistant to deterioration commonly caused by exposure to chlorine), these tanks have proven to be a much better choice for our customers.

Benefits include:


  • no rusting out
  • lower failure rate (less than 1/2 of 1%)
  • much less condensation (sweating) than steel tanks
  • and they do not plug up with mineral deposits where the water comes into the tank.

Best of all, they are cost less and offer longer cycle times than their comparable steel counterparts. Longer pump cycle times means a longer lasting pump life and lower electrical bills. These tanks carry a full five year 100% material replacement warrantee from date of installation.

However, for the die hards, we do carry the full line of AMTROL baby blue Well-X-Trol products if the customer desires.

Learn more about the FlexLite pressure tanks from Flexcon.

How a pressure tank works


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