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A Note About The Products We Use In Water Systems

We have been at this a long time. Our trained personnel give us constant feedback on the products we install. We note the service life on products we have installed for the past 40+ years and catalog any failures when they happen. While some well known names have a reputation for long service life and high quality, many manufacturers have left the USA and manufactured their items overseas.

Some of these products, that used to be known for quality, are now only a licensed brand name and do not offer the same quality they once did. We constantly review our offerings that give good value to our customers with a long service life.

We have found USA manufactured items, often times slightly more expensive than overseas offerings, to have a superior service life. Service life is how long the product performs without needing replacement.

USA made products have proven to offer the best value given the long service life of the products we observe. Franklin Pump Systems (our main pump line) and Flexcon pressure tanks are both North American manufactured, of high quality, with long service lives, and offer the best warrantees on their products. The warrantees are processed on-site, the day they are replaced. No waiting. No filling out paperwork. No B.S.

In the event USA offerings are not available, we will use foreign items that meet high quality standards in their construction, and our experience with the products.


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