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Water from properly constructed bedrock wells is normally potable. Routine testing is performed on new wells for bacteria, mineral content, Ph, and turbidity. All of our well and pump installations are thoroughly disinfected using chlorine to kill bacteria that may have been introduced from the drilling and pump installation process. While the chlorinated water may be a temporary inconvenience, once pumped out of the system, it will provide the best chance for a potable water supply.

Fortunately, our part of New England (NH, VT & MA) has not been subjected to chemical wastes as in more populated areas of the country.

Generally speaking, new construction well owners will have to submit a water test to obtain a certificate of occupancy (CO) prior to project completion.

Local and state jurisdictions, together with some lending institutions, may require additional testing for other potential contaminants - such as arsenic, radon and various man-made chemicals. Occasionally, site-specific problems such as highway road salt, are prudent to check for.

It is Cushing & Sons, Inc.'s policy to utilize independent laboratories to perform testing. The names of the laboratories which we use in your area are available from your Cushing and Sons project manager. These labs are state certified and prompt.

Occasionally, wells will produce water that is hard, has iron, causes staining, or has an undesirable odor. While the water may be potable, it may not be aesthetically acceptable. We operate a fully stocked and staffed water conditioning organization to serve our customers and wells constructed by many other firms. To find out more about Hellenbrand, visit our Aqua Aid Systems website.

While Cushing and Sons, Inc. can not guarantee the quality or quantity of water produced in the well we construct for you on your property, we will use the best practices and equipment to get the best possible water obtainable from your site.

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