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Ground Water Heat Pump Installations

Did You Know?

There is an alternative federal tax credit of 30% allowed for geothermal installations?

~ PLUS ~

State & utility monies may also be available depending on your locality.

Our Role

Cushing and Sons is a well and pump contractor. We install the geothermal wells and pump systems to support the heat pumps that are installed in the building.

Engineering & Sizing Information

While we do not size equipment, it is done based on a heat load survey of your property needs and specific equipment to be utilized. Items reviewed are:

Typically, the HVAC company or engineer designs the system.

Our Experience

Cushing and Sons has been installing geothermal systems since 1981. In New England, we commonly see two distinct types of geothermal heat pump systems:

Cushing and Sons equipment is seen drilling wells for the geothermal heat pump system at the new Cheshire County House of Corrections.

Each of these types of geothermal systems has its own advantages and disadvantages when compared to the other - but whichever type of geothermal system you choose, you are sure to be getting a much more advanced, energy-efficient technology than heating with traditional fossil fuels or wood-burning systems.

When deciding which type of geothermal heat pump system is best suited for your property, several factors must be considered, including …

Proper sizing of the equipment and the wells to support the system are of paramount importance. Since this is relatively new technology, having a competent contractor or engineer working on your job is extremely important.

Our service department has worked on a number of recently installed systems that were not engineered properly. If you have an existing system which is underperforming, Cushing and Sons can assist in altering the system to provide adequate heating and cooling..