Our History

Larry & Jeff Cushing, circa 1972

Starting out of his home in Charleston, Maine, BL “Beecher” Scott bought a drill rig and started drilling wells circa 1947. Prior to this he had supplied hay for horses to the lumber camps in northern Maine.

He and his sons operated a number of drill rigs servicing large parts in Maine. One of his sons, Keith B. Scott, was very successful operating his well business in Maine and reached as far as Vermont, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. He had bought out a number of small single operators, one being Wachusett Well Company that dated to the 1920’s.

Jeff, Larry & Bart Cushing, circa 1985

Cushing and Sons was founded in 1972 when Keith Scott sold his New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts business to his brother in law, Larry Cushing. Larry had two sons, Bart and Jeffrey who have worked in the business since high school and are the current operators of the company. In 2019, we welcome the 4th generation to the firm with Ezra and Kate Cushing.

Starting with one drill rig and three employees, the company has grown in size and capabilities. Residential work is done within 75 miles of Keene and commercial jobs throughout the Northeast.

In 1984 the family set up a separate company to offer complete water filtration and conditioning services throughout our market area. Their work is for residences, factories, schools and small municipal water systems.

Since 1985, the Cushing and Sons facilities have been located in Surry, NH (next to Keene) and operates drilling, pump and conditioning services out of this facility. The current employ of the companies is 23, and the average length of service with the company is 17 years.

During the years in business, attention to keeping the best personnel in the industry in our employ and a constant investment in modern, up to date equipment and methods has been paramount. Current equipment is three modern high capacity pneumatic hammer drill rigs, water/pipe trucks with cranes, soils/coring drill, hoist truck, hydrofracking equipment, and various bit and hammer sizes for holes up to 26” in diameter.

The operations are stocked with over $300,000.00 in pump, conditioning and other well supplies to support the daily servicing of wells. Our growing records of wells constructed and services includes files on over 25,000 wells and systems we have worked on over the years.

Markets the company serves are residential, commercial, municipal, geothermal, hazardous investigations/extraction, cathodic grounding and the construction/specialty borehole needs of our customers.

Bart, Kate, and Jeff Cushing, 2017

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Dear Mr. Cushing, It is with pleasure that I write to you at this time. You might recall that many years ago I did employee physicals for your company and I knew then that you had a terrific crew, as everyone liked their work and no one ever complained. I also knew then, that if ever I had well problems, you were the one to call. I had the great fortune of having one of your employees restore my well to life! He competently and speedily 'diagnosed' the problem and then proceeded with astonishing skill and speed to extricate the 300' foot pipe and wires with pump attached into my woods. He then clearly and concisely told me the steps involved to return me to a dependable running-water-state and answered all my questions. Tirelessly he labored all day, was cheerful and friendly always respectful of my property. He also updated the inside switches and re-inflated the 'bladder', which was perhaps the most arduous job. My tank is located underneath the kitchen counter in a corner behind the sink. I was amazed that he managed to snake himself into that tight space, saving me from having to remove the counter. I just wanted to say thank and it has always been a pleasure to deal with your company.

I.M.—Harrisville, NH

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